Dr. Jason Creek

Dr. Jason Creek


In 2000 Dr. Jason joined Active Duty Air Force and began developing a keen ability for in-depth trouble shooting: a skill that would help him influence the lives of others. In 2006, towards the end of his 7 years of Active Duty Air Force career, he graduated from Cooper Institute as a personal trainer wanting to help others in their pursuit for overall health. Within a month of his separation from the military he began a Massage Therapy training program at Maric College in Riverside California, as he felt a calling to continue his pursuit to improve the lives of others through the healing power of touch. Although he found a soft tissue approach to muscles and tendons incredibly rewarding as his clients raved about how good they were feeling afterwards, he was bound within the scope of practice of a Massage Therapist and wanted to learn more ways to help others improve their ability to live their best life.

In 2009 after pursuing a major in Kinesiology, he began his post graduate education with the Doctor of Physical Therapy Program at Loma Linda University in Riverside, California. There, he sharpened his ability to accurately assess a patient and determine what manual therapy skills, therapeutic exercises, and neurologic changes he was able to use to help in the rehabilitation process for those in pain and with significant dysfunction.

In 2012, Dr. Jason graduated with his DPT and began practicing in a private practice outpatient therapy office in Fort Walton Beach, FL. Over the next 11 years, he developed expert level skills in the acute care, acute rehabilitation, subacute rehabilitation, and home health. This breadth of experience has helped him understand the inherent differences of patient care throughout the continuum of care from injury to recovery.

In 2019 Dr. Jason earned his American Physical Therapy Association Board Certification as a Geriatric Clinical Specialist to deliver dialed-in care to those “high mileage” bodies. His methods enabled patients to regain function, add years to their life, and continue living independent lives. He earned his LSVT with focused rehabilitation for those living with Parkinson’s Disease and has witnessed the amazing results in those patients graduating from his program. Dr. Jason has 11 years of experience partnering with post-surgical patients a has aided in a significant reduction in recovery time which has improved Quality of Life Measures.

He is a seasoned triathlete with completion of many marathons, Half and Full Iron Man Competitions so he knows about discipline, pushing through difficult times in pursuit of goals, and how to prevent and rehab sports related injuries. Dr. Jason was a competitive volleyball, football, and basketball player throughout high school and while on Active Duty so understands the complexities of returning to sport following an injury and how to reduce the time it takes to get back to what you love doing.

The biggest differences between Dr. Jason and his competitors are his compassion and connection with his patients. He truly goes above and beyond for every patient and each receives an uniquely individualized plan of care. Dr. Jason listens to what you need and want and delivers an experience that leaves you feeling valued and stronger to live your BEST LIFE.