Best Life Physical Therapy Testimonials

James Scheer

I can’t thank you enough for helping me get to the source of my thigh pain. Your experience, enthusiasm and home exercise programming together gave me a lot of confidence in your approach. After running for over 50 years, your runner’s assessment on the treadmill was very informative for helping me to modify my gait. As a family doctor, I can highly recommend your services without any reservation!

Barbara Fisher

I had been suffering from abdominal pain at 10 out of 10 for over a year before I met Jason. I had been diagnosed with trigger point pain and had taken various medications which all had adverse side effects and did not improve the pain. Jason identified my problem as originating in my thoracic spine and created a plan to use various treatments to relieve the pain such as education, exercises, dry needling, manipulation, and cupping. By my second treatment I noticed limited relief and by the third one even more. Jason educates his patients to continue performing their own treatment after his sessions are over. If you have pain, you should see Jason.

Kelly Peterson

I have been a staff nurse for almost 30 years and these last years have been difficult due to my back pain. Sometimes I would get home and just cry because of the pain and increasing numbness. I wondered how I was going to last until retirement with my ever increasing discomfort. My days off I spent in bed hoping for relief. Then I spoke to Jason, after hearing my problem, he felt he could help. After just a couple of treatments I could feel results. I did my exercises daily in the beginning. I worked with Jason once weekly for 8 weeks. Now I do my exercises on my days off from work. And, I now look forward to my retirement knowing I have finally found an exercise program that keeps my back feeling good and pain-free. I feel stronger every week.

Deborah Scutero

I have had peripheral neuropathy for many years, which was mentally and physically exhausting. After speaking with Jason he was confident that he could help. I had never heard of dry needling and honestly, it was a little intimidating at first. The evening after the first session, I had more feeling in my left hand than I had felt in over a year. It was amazing! I kept touching things with that hand to ensure I wasn’t dreaming! The following sessions helped even more. Now I can actually feel textures with that hand I had not experienced for many years. I am a believer and Jason explains everything so clearly and in layman’s terms, so you understand what exactly is happening and why it works. His patience and knowledge go well beyond anything I have ever had from a doctor in the past. Don’t wait! If you have any pain or discomfort, I highly recommend Dr. Creek and he will get you back to living a full life!

Sarah Durnell

Aside from his personable bedside manner and ability to communicate what he’s doing, Jason is a true miracle worker. I suffer from migraines and had a terrible headache behind my eyes and intense neck pain for weeks. Only 1 session with him alleviated my pain almost instantly. The relief was better than any medicine or anything else I’ve tried. I couldn’t recommend his practice more.

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Maneet Singh

Thank you for helping me through my marathon training. It didnt look likely a few weeks ago – but thanks to you extensive knowledge and timely advice I was able to get it done. You are a doctor/professional/trainer par excellence.

Andrew Herrnstein

Jason has been taking care of me for a few weeks now and I have seen significant improvement in my mobility and flexibility. I would recommend him to take care of any of injuries or medical needs.